Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smitten with Bitten

If you haven't gotten hooked on Mark Bittman's NYtimes blog, Bitten, I seriously suggest you take a look. Today he blogged about radish salad. This is great! I always want to buy radishes at the market because they look so nice, but honestly I have no clue what to do with them. (A quick tangent about radishes while they're on my mind: I was treated to a remarkable gazpacho this weekend at a dinner party in Bushwick. I've never liked gaspacho, but this was slightly creamy, almost like chilled bisque. I would have never guesed radish is what gives this dish a special kick.) I love his conversational, light tone; his ideas about food and how to approach the kitchen are welcoming to the novice and encouraging/inspirational for the foodies and unabashed cooks among us. Wednesday is the Times' Dining & Wine Section day which is such a nice thing to look forward to and pleasantly marks the milestone of a passing week. Today Bittman (so gently!) addressed cutting down the meat in your diet.

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sweeetheartfever said...

hey there! i'm hanging out in my kitchen cooking with Violeta right now, and she mentioned you and your blog and your B&B heritage, so we went and looked you up together! and i had to leave you a note and say that i am also crazy smitten with bitten! i read that damn blog every day and kind of wish i had his life, haha.

anyway! nice to make your online acquaintance, can't wait to read more.